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This class is taught by:

Jamie Raddin

BACKGROUND: Cycle-Logik is a culminating passion that is a result of over 30 years of Riding, Racing, Training, and Dreaming. I started my cycling career in 1985 spending every moment possible on my bike. I have competed in over 400 races with over 80 career wins. As a pervious Category 1 Racer I competed at the highest levels of the Pro/Am circuit including qualifying and racing at over 15 National Championships in addition to qualifying and racing at the 1992 Olympic Trials. I have experience in both Duathlon and Triathlon disciplines competing both full and half Ironman events, and having a standout result in the inaugural 2011 Leadman 250k Epic Triathlon placing 5th overall. Professionally, I have spent over 20 years within the bicycle industry; beginning as a self-taught mechanic wrenching in shops and starting my own bicycle parts wholesale company in college; then spending the next 14 years in bicycle design, engineering, and product management. I have created and owned multiple companies in the bicycle design & manufacturing arena; creating and producing successful brands such as Airborne. I have been teaching spinning and indoor cycling for over 8 years at every major fitness facility in the area; but NEVER found one that met my standards.

WHY YOU WILL LOVE MY CLASS: I Love to teach. I enjoy being in an environment where my extensive background allows me to help others realize and accomplish something that makes a significant difference in their lives. I have learned so much over the last 30 years in the sport and am still learning. I am a highly atypical instructor; I will spend extensive time working with riders and enthusiasts on their position, form, and pedaling mechanics. But will happily digress into exercise physiology, bicycle design and position, training, nutrition, and racing. I am very high-energy and love a harder alternative beat to my music. I look forward to seeing you and showing you our vision for what indoor cycling is.
GROUP A: Dedicated to a brisk pace, with a focus on enjoying the ride while trying to improve stamina and handling skills. Comfortable in a single or double pace line. Average speeds of 18+ mph with stretches over 30 mph. Average ride length of 75-120min
All riders must wear helmets. They should bring two water bottles. For longer rides, snacks are recommended. Riders should have a fully-stocked bike bag (tube that fits their bike, tire tool, small patch kit, hex tool set, and either a cartridge or a pump).