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10:44 PM

LOGIK Fitness propels me to the next stage of my wellness journey

By Jeff Louderback

Where do I want to be, and how do I get there?

I asked myself that question last September, when I carried 263 pounds on my nearly 6-foot-5 frame. Since childhood, I have shared a love for sports, and for much of my adult life, I have remained active playing baseball, basketball, tennis and racquetball. I have belonged to numerous gyms over my adult life, so a fitness regimen was nothing new.

Yet when I stepped on the scale last fall, I was shocked. I knew I had gained weight over the last few years. As a writer, author, publicist and now co-host and co-editor of Live, Laugh, Learn TV, I am busy with my work schedule. I had fallen into bad habits. Month upon month of eating chicken wings and pizza, sampling craft beer, savoring Bill's Donuts and watching sports instead of playing them resulted in weight gain and sluggishness. I did not like where I was, and I knew I would feel better physically and mentally once I re-ignited my overall life wellness momentum.

Of course, when you are 48, stoking that momentum is easier said than done. I liken it to a Major League Baseball team. To break a losing skid, you first have to win a game. Then to start a winning streak, you have to win a second game in a row, and a third, and then you have the makings of something positive.

Life wellness is no different. To shed pounds, body fat and sluggishness, you must first take that first step -that first day - when you exercise and eat clean. Then there is a seond day, and a third, and the momentum is stoked.

Last September, I joined the YMCA and starting spin classes, weight lifting and playing basketball. I also gradually improved my eating. Results followed, and after a temporary derailment during the holidays, I found myself at 240 in February.

Readers who follow my writing know that I am a firm believer in positive thinking and inspirational stories. Live, Laugh, Learn TV's show and online publication embraces that, and I often write about those topics on my Facebook page. I am also writing a book tentatively titled "My Roadmap to Happiness: Finding My Ultimate Purpose at 50," which partly details my life adventures, inspirational stories about fascinating people I have interviewed, and the ups and downs that life brings, and how to maximize my strengths and enhance areas that need improvement.

With all this in mind, I set personal fitness and wellness goals to reach by my 49th birthday on July 1, and the milestone 50th in 2018. To accomplish these objectives, I knew I would need to step outside of my comfort zone and find a fitness destination that would challenge me like never before. I learned about LOGIK Fitness, contacted founder and owner Jamie Raddin, and set a plan to not only detail the next stage of my wellness journey through my LOGIK experience, but also tell the ongoing LOGIK Fitness story through articles, videos and content on this blog, via the LOGIK Fitness Facebook page and on Live, Laugh, Learn TV.

Every person has a different way of starting and maintaining momentum. Since I am a professional writer who frequently authors personal essay stories about life, detailing my personal wellness journey on Facebook; other social media outlets like this blog; Live, Laugh, Learn TV is a prominent way of accountability. It is how I find inspiration and motivation.

Today, a month after joining the LOGIK Fitness community, I am down to 214 pounds, so I have reached the next stage of my wellness. I am now focusing on maintaining that weight, adding muscle tone and mass, and increasing flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. Spin and Fit Core classes, and Boot Camps, are my favorites, and I am set to try boxing, yoga and Barre.

The space between where I am and where I want to be inspires me and motivates me. It doesn't scare me or trouble me. A key reason why is the fitness community that LOGIK Fitness provides. There is a camaraderie among the instructors and the people I meet there. It is a destination where my friends like to gather and workout together. I tend to work harder and remain more devoted when I take classes among friends new and old.

I welcome you to follow my wellness journey on this blog and on Facebook, and keep an eye out for upcoming stories on the LOGIK Fitness blog and Facebook page about LOGIK classes and events, and inspirational success stories of LOGIK Fitness community members.

As LOGIK Fitness founder Jamie Raddin says, every person is on his or her own journey, and LOGIK provides the tools to launch and maintain a sustainable fitness regimen that is a long-term lifestyle.
9:54 PM

Welcome to the LOGIK Fitness blog debut!

Welcome to the debut of the LOGIK Fitness blog, a forum about news for LOGIK classes and events; engaging content about fitness, nutrition and overall wellness; and inspirational stories about LOGIK clients and their fitness journeys among other engaging columns, features and posts.

For those of you who are new to LOGIK Fitness, or want to know more, our 12,000-square-foot facility includes the Indoor Cycling, Fit and Yoga studios, and the one-of-a-kind Heart Rate Zone Training created by LOGIK Fitness founder Jamie Raddin.

Keep an eye out for daily content on our blog, and feel free to provide comments and ask questions. And remember, spread the word about our one-week trial membership that includes four classes to get a taste of the LOGIK Fitness experience!