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BACKGROUND: I was always an athletic kid, tossing or kicking around a ball most of the time, but it wasn't until my early twenties that fitness became a routine part of my life. For me, exercise was never about losing weight or attaining that super-muscular body. It was and is still about living healthier and feeling better because of it.

After the birth of my first child, I became a step aerobics instructor....yes I'm dating myself....that was 17 years ago! This was a far cry from the engineering degree that I got in college. Being an instructor started out as a hobby and evolved into a passion.

I've come full circle. I started instructing in Springboro, moved to Pennsylvania, then New Hampshire, and now back in Centerville. I've been an instructor at many gyms and picked up my TRX and Spin certifications along the way. Most recently, I've worked at Zero Gravity and am now excited to be part of the Cycle Logik team. I'll see you in class!


I love that I am able to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle and their fitness goals. Everyone is at different points in their lives and at different fitness levels. I like to meet them where they are and encourage them to make healthier choices each and every day.

Roni instructs the following:
  • This class focuses on strength and endurance in your arms and legs. It may sound easy but you will definitely get a sweat on. Make sure you are prepared to become sore (that's a good thing!)

  • Our signature ride is indoor cycling re-invented. With inspirational coaching, motivating music with a serious thump, and a specific weekly class schedule coordinated to periodization training. Classes are balanced between Instructor and LOGIK Interval Programs and take full advantage of our LOGIK Heart Rate Training System. This 50-minute class won’t scare away the newbie; but will provide significant challenges to even the most experienced.

  • Based on tiny isometric movements, BARRE-LOGIK is a total, non-impact, full body workout. This class incorporates the graceful moves of ballet, Pilates, cardio and strength training to develop long lean muscles while enhancing flexibility and balance. No matter what the age or fitness level; everyone can enjoy this class!

  • This 45 minute class is designed to target your entire torso, including Back and Core muscles. A strong core leads to a strong, fit body that will be less prone to injury. This class is a wonderful complement to all group fitness classes. Participants can take this class after the 7:30 am cycle drop in class or prior to the 9:15 am cycle class.

  • Total body sculpt with weights and body-bar. Hit it all in one place when you sign up for this class!

  • CYCLE | EXPRESS | 150
  • 45 minute RIDE....The perfect midday escape. Come find yourself; renew your daily focus and burn-off some serious steam and calories. We get straight to the point with some serious intensity and rockin’ tunes to help motivate you to kick some serious ass at home or back at the workplace.

  • YOGA | EXPRESS YIN | 100
  • Deep Stretch is also similar to and maybe more known as Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga. In our 30 minute EXPRESS Deep Stretch class, poses are held for 2+ minutes, which allows the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to stretch and open up. It is great for anyone that is looking to relax and relieve stress to the active athlete that is in need of muscle release and increased flexibility. It’s the perfect COMPLIMENT to your active lifestyle and everyday routine. Specific movements designed for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and cross-fit athletes.