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I was drawn to yoga 8 years ago as a means to cross-train, improve flexibility, and heal sports injuries. I soon realized that yoga also became a way for me to manage personal hardships, emotional and physical stress. Any time I needed to feel grounded I returned to my mat and began to reap the benefits of a continuous practice. This realization became the catalyst my journey of exploring the spiritual side of yoga and deepening my personal practice. Yoga has allowed me the space to find clarity and cultivate mind-body awareness and acceptance.

I completed my 200HR training program in June of 2015. I am also a registered prenatal yoga teacher through ShantiMom. When not teaching or practicing yoga I enjoy spending time with my favorite people over good food and drinks. I stay active through kayaking, cycling, hiking, and crossfit when I can.

Why you’ll LOVE my classes:

My classes will range from peaceful and relaxing to energetic, sweat-inducing vinyasa flows. Yoga is different for every body and my goal is to provide support through a variety of poses and conscious sequencing. Each class will help build strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as provide the space to find clarity and mental reflection

Andrea instructs the following:
  • Deep Stretch is also similar to and maybe more known as Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga. In our 60 minute Deep Stretch class, poses are held for 3+ minutes, which allows the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to stretch and open up. It is great for anyone that is looking to relax and relieve stress to the active athlete that is in need of muscle release and increased flexibility. It’s the perfect COMPLIMENT to your active lifestyle and everyday routine. Specific movements designed for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and cross-fit athletes.

  • YOGA | POWER YOGA | 175
  • Logik Power Yoga is an intense and advanced class. There will be a strong element of power behind our movements. You will sculpt, shape and tone the body while still keeping a heavy emphasis on breath. We will regularly go into advanced poses.