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Amy H

Amy H instructs the following:
  • If your looking to strengthen, tone and lengthen your muscles, this class is for you! These classes use the teachings of Joseph Pilates to incorporate exercises using mainly your own body weight, to stretch the body, become mentally aware of your body, and strengthen the core. You will learn the technique on how to properly position your body, while breathing correctly as well

  • 45 minute RIDE....The perfect midday escape. Come find yourself; renew your daily focus and burn-off some serious steam and calories. We get straight to the point with some serious intensity and rockin’ tunes to help motivate you to kick some serious ass at home or back at the workplace.

  • So whether you’ve struggled to keep up your workout routine long enough to see results in the past, or if you just want to challenge your body to improve fitness and endurance! You will walk away from this class with new healthy knowledge and skills to help you maintain sustainable fitness!