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Kelly K

Kelly K instructs the following:
  • So whether you’ve struggled to keep up your workout routine long enough to see results in the past, or if you just want to challenge your body to improve fitness and endurance! You will walk away from this class with new healthy knowledge and skills to help you maintain sustainable fitness!

  • 60 min class that incorporates the traditional spinning class with a body class. The first half of the class will be spinning followed by 30 mins. of body work designed to tone every muscle in the body with some type of resistance.

  • A high intensity class not for the weary. We promise a great workout with this class. It is an intense cardio workout and you will also work on agility, balance and coordination. Each class will be varied, so you get a new workout every time you come.

  • A Circuit style class focused on strength ex-ercises. The class uses a variety of equipment and will focus on core work throughout the class. All levels welcome. Meets in Blue Mat room.

  • BODY
  •  We work on developing strength and stamina through resistance training, bodyweight training, and high intensity intervals.

  • This 45 minute class is designed to target your entire torso, including Back and Core muscles. A strong core leads to a strong, fit body that will be less prone to injury. This class is a wonderful complement to all group fitness classes.