Logik™ Cardio Training System is a group fitness monitoring software that was designed and developed to quantify your workouts and provide Real-Time feedback of your achievements throughout each class. Participants’ heart rates, heart rate zones, calories burned, and other important fitness metrics are displayed on large high definition displays at the front of class. In addition, the data of each workout session is saved and available in your online account so you can follow your fitness improvements over time. 

LOGIK Cardio Training System

Explanation of your Cardio Data




Benefits of Heart Rate Training Zones


Studio Cycling classes are taught using two primary methods. The first is a traditional format where the instructor determines the timing, intensities and movements as they occur during class. In this format participants are awarded points on the basis of their individual performance in relation to time spent in their respective heart rate zones. The more time spent in higher zones will produce greater point rewards. Points are awarded as follows:


The second format, is one where the timing, intensities and movements of the class are predetermined and displayed on our . Cardio Training display. This is extremely helpful for varying types of classes where attaining specific heart rate zones for intensity, duration, and recovery are crucial to reach the greatest training benefit. In this format, points are ONLY awarded to those participants who most closely follow the prescribed heart rate training zone targets. For example; if the class program dictates a 4 minute climb at Heart Rate Zone 3 (70-80%) then only those participants who maintain their heart rate in that zone will be awarded points. Participants who either don’t put in sufficient effort or put in too much effort will not receive points.

LOGIK points can be accumulated and used for all kinds of exciting rewards and promotions; free classes, swag, and challenging contests. If you are consistent, you might even find yourself ranked on our website’s leaderboard. The best part is…. Everyone can compete. Quantifying workouts using heart rate zones, levels the playing field. The elite athlete as well as the first time rider BOTH have to work just as hard; and are rewarded for their respective efforts. Depending on which class format you choose you might even find yourself in a team competition against the other half of the class. Don’t be afraid; a little healthy competition will elevate you to greater achievements!

What’s the benefit….? As you train with us, you will realize significant gains in your knowledge of exercise science and effective training. You will quickly increase your ability to maintain higher heart rates for longer periods of time. This equates to the ability to burn more calories, maintain leaner body mass, and achieve significant gains in strength, power, and endurance. Whether you are a dedicated athlete or a stay-at-home mom; the benefits to your health and wellbeing are significant.


Heart rate training is a huge benefit but is dependent on participants wearing an ANT+ compatible heart rate chest strap (transmitter). LOGIK provides rental straps at no charge, straps can be purchased for a minimal cost, or… if you already own a compatible ANT+ strap, it can be registered to your user account at no charge.

To determine if a heart rate strap you own is compatible, look on the back side of the transmitter for this logo: . Or follow this link to learn more about Ant+: http://www.thisisant.com/consumer/ . Our LOGIK software supports most ANT+ coded straps from brands like Garmin, Suunto, Cyclops, Bontrager, Tackx, Timex, Cateye, Wahoo Fitness, and Sigma Sport. Polar is NOT compatible.

LOGIK does sell other ANT+ devices and accessories. If you choose to purchase a heart rate chest strap, you will quickly find that it is already compatible with a number of Android phones on the market and a multitude of free fitness Apps.(Garmin Connect, Strava, Map my Ride, etc…) You will be able to integrate heart rate monitoring into your other fitness activities… indoors and out. ANT+ is compatible with apple devices as well; though you will need a small inexpensive receiver that plugs into the apple port.