BACKGROUND: Cycle-Logik is a culminating passion that is a result of over 30 years of Riding, Racing, Training, and Dreaming. I started my cycling career in 1985 spending every moment possible on my bike. I have competed in over 400 races with over 80 career wins. As a pervious Category 1 Racer I competed at the highest levels of the Pro/Am circuit including qualifying and racing at over 15 National Championships in addition to qualifying and racing at the 1992 Olympic Trials. I have experience in both Duathlon and Triathlon disciplines competing both full and half Ironman events, and having a standout result in the inaugural 2011 Leadman 250k Epic Triathlon placing 5th overall. Professionally, I have spent over 20 years within the bicycle industry; beginning as a self-taught mechanic wrenching in shops and starting my own bicycle parts wholesale company in college; then spending the next 14 years in bicycle design, engineering, and product management. I have created and owned multiple companies in the bicycle design & manufacturing arena; creating and producing successful brands such as Airborne. I have been teaching spinning and indoor cycling for over 8 years at every major fitness facility in the area; but NEVER found one that met my standards.

WHY YOU WILL LOVE MY CLASS: I Love to teach. I enjoy being in an environment where my extensive background allows me to help others realize and accomplish something that makes a significant difference in their lives. I have learned so much over the last 30 years in the sport and am still learning. I am a highly atypical instructor; I will spend extensive time working with riders and enthusiasts on their position, form, and pedaling mechanics. But will happily digress into exercise physiology, bicycle design and position, training, nutrition, and racing. I am very high-energy and love a harder alternative beat to my music. I look forward to seeing you and showing you our vision for what indoor cycling is.
BACKGROUND: I started swimming at age 6 when I brought home my first place blue ribbon; a swimmer was born. In 1994 - I placed 2nd in the KY State competition and headed to Florida Atlantic University on a full athletic scholarship. I swam competitively for another 2 years, married at 20 and gave birth to 2 beautiful babies. Years later in 2010; I decided to train for a triathlon. Swimming, Spinning and Running along with my favorite early morning cross fit sessions! On August 13th, 2011 an incident at a Sugarland concert on Indiana State Fairgrounds would change not only my fitness abilities but my life forever! My daughter and I were both critically injured when the huge outdoor stage collapsed onto the standing crowd. The widely publicized disaster occurred when a sudden gust of wind toppled the massive stage, just before the band was to begin their concert. The collapse left me pinned under a mountain of twisted metal. My pelvis was broken in 3 places along with 8 other broken bones and many more debilitating injuries! After months of being confined to a wheelchair and crutches; riding Indoors was the only option I had! Through my extensive and ongoing rehabilitation, indoor cycling became my lifeline and recovery back to fitness. I know what it's like to have physical limitations. There were days I didn't want to get out of bed and wasn't sure I could ever swim or compete again. Today, I am a testimony to the amazing recovery and rehabilitation that can be achieved through indoor cycling. It is my goal through Logik Training Studios to help those who feel there is no hope to FIND HOPE ONCE AGAIN! After all, The Power is WITHIN YOU!
By The Way -- my daughter - JADE WALCOTT - Is a miracle and will be a famous singer one day---I'm sure of it!
WHY YOU WILL LOVE MY CLASS: I enjoy training you on the specific skill set needed to reach the different HR TARGET ZONES and help you understand why they are important to your OVERALL fitness. NOT TO MENTION the KILLER environment -- Skrillex, Dubstep, Hard Beats, Sweat, Lights, Action; IT'S A PARTY ON THE BIKE!
BACKGROUND: Spinning instructor for 2 years and spinning class enthusiasts for Over 4 years. Since high school track and field I had been a runner and thought of myself as only a runner. After years of pounding pavement I started getting repeat injures from running. I learned I was probably getting too much of a good thing with my running, and over-training was the likely cause for my injuries. This is where spinning came into the picture. I was drawn to spinning when I realized I could still get a intense cardio workout with minimal impact on my joints. My love for spinning only grew when I realized it's a highly effective cross-training activity, combined with awesome music and routines to challenge me. Since I've started spinning I've been able to heal from my running injuries and have also seen an improvement in my running and overall fitness. Full time, I work as a Clinical Dietitian so I love being able to combine my knowledge of nutrition with sports and fitness.
WHY YOU WILL LOVE MY CLASS: My class will push you to beat your best and have fun doing it! I'm competitive, but probably one of the most laid back competitors you'll meet. I'm all about getting a good workout but also making sure I have fun doing it! When you come to my class be ready to work hard and bring your sense of humor! My music style is upbeat top 40, with a little bit of alternative, mixed with popular classics. I want my students to feel with every class they're going to be able to move a little closer to their goals and that I'm going to be right there with them climbing toward my goals. Remember any progress is good progress!
BACKGROUND: First, my most important attribute is that I am a mother of three beautiful children. Second, I love working out and trying to be the best i can be. I caught the cycling bug about 10 years ago and since then I have successfully completed several triathlons which were challenging but surprisingly motivational and fun! I find it rewarding to make a goal, work hard on achieving that goal, and then crossing the final finish line or seeing the finished results. I have been a certified Mad Dogg spinning instructor for 8 years. Beyond teaching spin I am a certified personal trainer. It is my belief that even though life can be challenging at times, If we make a commitment to take care of our minds, bodies and souls, we can be better partners, parents and friends.
WHY YOU WILL LOVE MY CLASS:My classes will be energetic, enthusiastic and highly motivating. My clients and students have told me that my love for coaching helps them to get excited about getting healthy. I want you to ride with a purpose. Heart rate zone training will help you do just that! Did I mention that you will enjoy the kick-butt music I play? You won't be looking at the clock in my class as the time will fly by. I look forward to meeting you, helping you meet your goals, and most importantly seeing you in class!
Background: My passion for fitness began in my early twenties when I took my first "aerobics" class, (leg warmers included)! While I have taught a wide variety of fitness classes over the years, my favorite classes are Indoor Cycling and Yoga. I was a Schwinn Indoor Cycling Trainer earlier in my career and traveled the country sharing my love for cycling. As a Yoga Alliance 500-hour teacher I conduct Yoga teacher trainings throughout the year and offer personal Yoga training sessions.
Why you will love my class: I‘m passionate about helping others on their journey to a healthy body and a less stressful life! When you are in my class I will challenge you a little (OK, sometimes a lot), make you laugh at times, leave you sweaty, but always have you looking forward to your next class! Come join me for a Fun and Energetic workout!
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