May 1 – 31, 2016


Most Rides:

Men: Tom Lewis – 21 Rides
Women: Elaina Echevarria – 24 Rides

Highest Average Points / Rides:

Men: CMOSE – 212.2 Pts
Women: Debbie Disalvo – 211.9 Pts

Greatest Total Distance: 

Men: Tom Lewis – 394.1 Miles
Women: Elaina Echevarria – 410.5 Miles

Highest Average Accuracy / Ride:

Men: Tom Lewis – 92.73%
Women: TRATRI – 94.0% 

Congratulations to all of our riders! We look forward to seeing your results for the month of June.

How to compete:

The categories are defined as follows:

HIGHEST # OF RIDES: Quite simply, the rider with the most rides within each month will be the winner. The more rides you attend regardless of your ride performance the greater your chances for leading in this category.


HIGHEST AVERAGE. POINTS PER RIDE: This category is specific to identifying the male and female riders that are the most consistent in their ride performance. Regardless of your actual class placing, you are rewarded for both your consistency, accuracy and not tanking! You have to complete at least TWO rides in a given week or EIGHT rides in a given month to be eligible to compete or be included in this competition. In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined by highest points total then total distance.


GREATEST TOTAL DISTANCE: How far can you go? Your distance is a factor of the calories you burn, the more calories (riding higher in your respective heart rate zones) the more miles. The more rides, the more miles. Both Male and Female champions have got to put in some serious saddle time to win this category!


HIGHEST AVG. POINTS ACCURACY PER RIDE: If you have great heart rate control, impeccable timing, and high levels of consistency you might be one of our most accurate riders. You have to complete at least EIGHT rides to be eligible to compete or be included in this competition.